Dilma gives induct new ministers and promises better that 2013 '2014 '

Criada em 03/02/2014


President Dilma Rousseff said on Monday, 3 that the year 2014 will be " even better than 2013 ." In exchange ceremony and possession of four ministers , the Presidential Palace , Rousseff said that the mission of the government is to continue ensuring rights and highlighted points of economic policy. The new holders , asked that meet " the determination to work hard " by the Country.

During his speech , Rousseff made ​​brief analysis of his management and said the proposed objectives were " maintaining macroeconomic fundamentals , growing the economy," the maintenance of the social inclusion process inaugurated with the election of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva , and maintain country in the " leadership " of the reduction of inequality in the world process. The President promised to fulfill all his duties until December 31, 2014 , when his current term ends.

" One of the other principles that guided us was the expansion , the security and the expansion of our democratic strength , won for us the hard way ," said the president recently . " Integral to the other powers , social movements , the population demands respect ," he concluded.

Rousseff took office on Mercadante at the Civil House , Arthur Chioro in Health , José Henrique Paim Thomas Traumann in Education and the Secretariat of Social Communication . Exchanges inaugurated the first stage of the cabinet reshuffle this year and new changes will be announced later this month . The president said that the substitutions " are part of the calendar of democracy." " Persist working to ensure the implementation of all programs and achievement of all the goals we set for this year," she said. "We know that we are accountable to increasingly aware of their rights and demanding in their collections people," he added.

According to Rousseff , the ministerial changes are " inevitable " in a democracy and noted that some of the ministers left the folders to participate in this year's elections . She cited Gleisi Hoffmann of Staff, who will compete in the government of Paraná , and Alexandre Padilha , health , who will compete for the state government. " I wish much success on your journey ," she said , after palms.

The President thanked the " excellent handling " Gleisi of the Civil House , citing her coordination in government programs and the awards program. She also gave her " sincere and heartfelt " thanks to Padilha and cited the More Doctors program , yet far more applauded the ceremony. " The highlight was the same More Doctors. 's A highlight because the More Doctors have a key role," he added.

Mercadante assumes the Civil House also with the function of improving the political articulation of Rousseff's government. It's up to him also to bridge the gap with the PT campaign for reelection.

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