Aldermen spend £ 9 million with budget from Cabinet

Criada em 04/02/2014

AE/Photo: Alex Silva

Former Sports Minister Orlando Silva current councilor ( PCdoB ) has spent £ 90,900 in funding from Cabinet in December. The amount represents 42 % of everything he has spent the past year and extrapolates five times the expected quota per month, which is $ 18,100 . Other 31 paulistanos parliamentary spent above average in the last month of 2013 - with this, almost all of them used the resource available in the year . In total, more than £ 9 million .

In his first term , the PT Reis did the exact account : asked refund of every penny available to pay for fuel expenses , office supplies , legal advice and Mail, for example. Were R $ 217,912.56 during the year , the maximum specified in the bylaws of the Municipality of São Paulo . Adilson Amadeu ( PTB ) , Jair Tatto ( PT) and edir Sales , and Silva , also almost got there .

To reach the ceiling of spending , or at least approach it from the city of Aldermen took up almost £ 1.5 million in expenses cabinet in December , just in the month that traditionally ends early for parliamentarians . Last year , the last plenary session was held on the 18th. Since then, work on the house were paralyzed until the afternoon, when the recess ends .

Values​​, according to the councilors , are explained by the need to inform voters about the legislative activities . Orlando Silva , for example , claimed to have spent £ 65,900 on sending DE45 thousand hits in December. Aurelio Nomura ( PSDB ) used £ 49,600 and José Neto Police ( PSD ) , U.S. $ 46 600 . Current Speaker of the House , Jose Americo ( PT) has spent £ 53,000 in December , compared to R $ 5.5 billion reported in June.

In neither case the voter can confirm that the reported values ​​were properly spent . That's because the site of the Municipality has not released all payment vouchers held throughout the year. Until this Monday, 3 lacked the closed data for November and December.

Maneuver. The Aldermen of São Paulo can only extrapolate the expected quota per month for the balance which the Board is cumulative , ie , expenses not paid over 30 days may be compensated in the following month . That's why a councilor declares £ 4300 in a month and £ 56,300 in another - if Roberto Tripoli ( PV ) .

The consumption analysis of 2013 shows that , unlike December , the month of January is the most economical in the House . Last year represented 4.9% of total spending by Congress. The commitment of resources increases over the month , from an almost linear curve.

But there are exceptions . In some cases it is possible to observe a sudden jump in the commitment of funds. Laércio Benko ( PHS ) , for example , nearly doubled their expenses cabinet in May , from £ 11,100 to £ 20,400 - above the ceiling provided monthly . From there , maintained the highest level of spending. In others, the account seems to small . While most of his colleagues consumed above average in December , Patrícia Bezerra ( PSDB ) decided to save : spent £ 4200 .

The title of most economical of the year goes to David Soares ( PSD ) , which used 26.7 % of their annual quota . Were £ 58,200 . Marco Aurélio Cunha ( PSD ) was in the same medium , with 29 % of the possible expenditures. Like them, only six other councilors spent less than half the amount.

The councilors still have R $ 106,452.03 per month to cover the work of up to 18 advisors . The total budget of the House for this year is $ 534.7 million .

Cool. The Board reported that the share of U.S. $ 18,100 is just a monthly " average " of resources that can be used every parliamentary term . Thus, it can not be extrapolated yearly balance is provided . In a statement , President José Américo further stated that the operating expenses of the offices are only reimbursed after proof of expenses , which are analyzed by the Department of Accounts socket .

Orlando Silva, Adilson Amadeu Jose Police Neto , Laércio Benko , edir Sales and José Américo said that spending Mail December were required to be accountable to voters . " In December , an effort was made to post material accountability within a strategy outlined for this purpose . Accordingly , we offer our people the balance of the year ," said Silva .

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